I designed and built this website.

Created all graphics, took pictures & videos , and  wrote content for KevinCOBrien.com and all of its sub-webs.

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Oversight and day-to-day maintenance of website for the United Nations Association of the USA's anti-landmine campaign Adopt-A-Minefield.

Paul McCartney and Jamie Oliver Team Up to Clear Landmines

Worked closely with Paul McCartney's web design team to create website hosted on www.PaulMcCartney.com. The on-line initiative raised $30,000 in mostly $25 donations over seven days.

Created dinner menu pages featuring recipes from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Managed all aspects of live downloading throughout the promotion.

Initial design for Paul McCartney fundraiser.

Created concept and graphics - basically updating image of Paul McCartney character from the 1970s The Beatles cartoon show.

Although the design was approved in-house, McCartney's team did not want a nostalgic theme used as Paul embarked on a tour featuring new material.

Worked with company president to determine and write web content. Managed assignment calendar for art director / web designer. Wrote significant portions of web copy, including band biographies for the premiere concert festival in the northeastern United States.

Oversight of outside company managing our social media sites (Twitter, Facebook and Myspace). Served as moderator (VibeGuide) for the Gathering of the Vibes on-line message board with between 5,000 and 10,000 active users.

Directed marketing trip to Boznia-Herzegovinia and Croatia to interview landmine victims, field clearance workers, people helped by Adopt-A-Minefield and NGO workers in the field. Turned resulting stories into web content on Adopt-A-Minefield website. Wrote, designed, edited and built the material attached here (except two stories written by AAM project manager who accompanied me on trip).

Interviewed family who runs a commercial farm on land cleared of landmines with Adopt-A-Minefield funding. Watched as their seven-year-old son both played farmer on the family's tractor and played war with a real gun found in the nearby woods. Used his real life situation to juxtapose the choice the next generation of Croats have to either make food or to make war.


Served as web consultant at Anreder, Hirschhorn & Co. for a multi-million dollar company specialized in revitalizing orphaned brand products (including Spic n' Span, Famous Amos' Cookies and Met-RX).

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Created graphics, shot & edited video and pictures, then completely built website detailing amazing South African safari.

Built and designed website, forms and all graphics for private auction antique dealer.

Built Website to gain publicity forcing the DA's office to prosecute a medical doctor who killed a patient with his bizarre and discredited breathing treatment.