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Village Voice -- 4/1/2002 -- Most complete article on this case. Probes why prosecutors fail to go after doctors (even obviously dubious doctors) who kill their Patients.

New York Post -- 1/11/2002.



WPIX WB Channel 11 -- 1/15/2002.


Press release -- 2/25/2002 -- issued by Kevin O'Brien.


WNYW Fox Channel 5-- 1/3/2002. The quality of this recording is not great. Real Media file.

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ADA Gail Heatherly -- telephone message -- Early November 2001. Last official update received from District Attorney's office. Heatherly has since refused to speak to me without an attorney although I am not represented and I have been interviewed by her twice without an attorney.







On April 19, 2001 the life of 38-year-old Leah Michelle Grove effectively came to a tragic and violent end.

Leah's friend and roommate restrained her while her Doctor held a mask over her mouth and administered enough Carbon Dioxide to suffocate her. After spending the next three-weeks in a coma -- Leah died on May 9.

This was part of an alternative therapy used by Dr. James S. Watt to bring out repressed memories. Leah stopped breathing for between 20 and 30 minutes while Dr. Watt administered mouth-to-mouth resuscitation -- not cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) the commonly accepted method of providing oxygenated blood to the brain, and Dr. Watt fumbled in unsuccessful attempts to take Leah's pulse and blood pressure. Leah's friend called 911 Dr. Watt did not carry malpractice insurance (only a misdemeanor under NY law), leading Leah's family not to pursue a lawsuit against him -- because the cost is too high with no apparent chance at a monetary reward. Although the New York County District Attorney's office is still supposedly investigating charges against Dr. Watt -- to date there has been no grand jury impaneled and no apparent progress in the case. Dr. Watt has since moved to Texas, and whether or not he continues practicing medicine is in question. Leah was a respected Sales Executive for Seibel Systems in NY. Leah loved animals, was a prolific artist and she sought out challenges to enrich her life. Dr. Watt illegally practiced medicine without insurance. His license to practice was revoked in California and he administered an unsafe and unproven therapy that killed a vibrant and beautiful woman, yet no action has been taken against Dr. Watt -- leading me to ask again:

What about Leah?

News accounts, Eye-witness recollection and Press Releases

WNYW Fox 5 coverage -- Real Player required.


New York Daily News -- referred to Leah as Leah Graves. 4-27-2001

New York Post -- 4-27-2001

New York Post -- Landlady's quote about Leah already moving was incorrect. 4-28-2001

New York Post -- 5-10-2001



Press Release -- issued 12-13-2001.

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