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Gathering of the Vibes is an annual four-day music and arts festival; the largest music festival in the Northeastern United States. As Marketing Director I was specifically tasked with increasing awareness about the festival within Connecticut -- its home state.

My campaign was tremendously successful. In my first year as marketing director, pre-event ticket sales within Connecticut grew more than 50 percent over the previous year.

Directed public relations effort, writing and editing most press releases, and working closely with well-known Connecticut PR firm on follow-up. I was directly responsible for the festival's write-up in the New York Times Sunday Arts & Leisure Section. Wrote biography of company president then worked with the Fairfield County Business Journal to get a front Page lead article (that quotes me) about "Vibes" based on the biography I wrote. 

Worked with outside vendors to establish our social media presence on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. went from zero to more than 50,000 Facebook fans in one year.

Worked closely with company president to negotiate and implement radio, billboard, magazine and other appropriate print advertising deals. Set work calendar for Art Director, and wrote most ad copy.

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One of our billboards


Planned cross-marketing events at local clubs in Connecticut billed as Gathering of the Vibes Nights where "Vibes" artists performed at the clubs -- and we piggy-backed advertising on the clubs already planned advertising.


Directed volunteer and paid "Street Team" marketing, where teams of mostly college students hand out event flyers at concerts and other appropriate venues. Directed in-state Street Teams to hand out stacks of flyers and posters at local delis and coffee shops. I worked with print vendors to create and supply flyers and posters, and guided shipping and distribution. Oversight of all marketing and public relations duties for the preeminent northeastern US music and arts festival.