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Yellow ribbons are the standard symbol of separated sweethearts longing for their love's safe return. During the 1993 Gulf War I traced the history of this symbolism  to a late 16th century song.

When an innocent 17-year-old boy was gunned down near his high school by a roving Dallas gang, I was on-top of all aspects of the story.

I covered the press conferences, used long-time police contacts and associates in the DAs office to get the full story. I got close to the victim's family and  friends to write a touching profile / friend's remember story for the Dallas Morning News' Richardson News Bureau.

My in-depth interview / profile of the well-known judge who handled these cases is also here.

Columns & Editorials including one charging then gubernatorial candidate George W. Bush with  taking credit for ideas his predecessor already had in place; and another advocating plans to expand a local homeless shelter.

My account of my first skydiving experiences. Article ran as centerfold in The Malone Telegram (Malone, NY) summertime special features issue.

Rare interview with a Dallas area rape victim who -- in 1993 -- allowed me to use her name in the story. The victim felt she could take some control over what happened to her by going public with her identity and her story.

My coverage of a forest fire in an Upstate New York Adirondack town. I walked upstream to a flaring "hot spot" before firefighters and was able to get pictures that ended up on the front page.