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Column on George W. Bush's exaggerations during his first campaign to become Texas Governor. George "Junior" manipulated statistics to evoke fear of violent criminals, then took credit for ideas his predecessor already had in place.

First-person account of night spent undercover at homeless shelter. Articles about shelter and column advocating the city stop delaying approval of homeless shelter expansion.

Column bemoaning collection of taxes on mail order compact discs from CD clubs.

After moving to Dallas, the Cowboys won two straight Super Bowls. This column defends my remaining a NY Giants fan in the face of Dallas Cowboy mania.

Editorial deriding a local police chief in Albany County, NY for sending letters to area music stores -- warning them that it might be illegal to sell albums marked with parental warnings to minors.

Column denouncing the censorship decision (by the parent company of my newspaper) refusing to air an episode of Donahue (the old Phil Donahue television show) because it featured Howard Stern.