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In-depth profile of Judge Tom Price. This article led to a complaint against Price because he said he did not care as much about defendants as he did about victims.

Price was in the news again a few years ago for challenging the chief of the Texas Appellate Court for her "out-of-the-mainstream" stances on the death penalty.

My in-depth breaking coverage of the first details of this story.

More detailed stories in the next issue of the paper:


* Friends of slain teen gather and share stories.

* Police piece together shooting spree.

Juvenile Judge Catherine Evans called a second hearing to reverse a decision she made a day earlier. Evans had ordered the supervised release of a 16-year-old girl who led gang members on a murderous three-city shooting spree.

Evans called a second hearing one day later, after the victim's mother held a press conference deriding the pending release. The victim's mother may have learned of the original decision from my questioning her about her thoughts on that decision.

In an apparent attempt to intimidate me -- as the only reporter who covered and reported on the original decision -- Evans had me called to testify in the second hearing to determine if I violated juvenile shield laws. A charge that never materialized.

"Judge" Evans later faced her own legal problems, which -- based on my dealings -- did not surprise me.

From a juvenile ordered released; to a certified adult offered a five-year deal; to a girl facing a full-blown murder rap -- The case of the teen accused of leading this spree turned into a political bouncing ball.

My story on the deal that turned out to be the teen's ultimate plea bargain, written after I was tipped-off to a secret meeting of top law enforcement officials.