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I would be happy to help you.  In all honesty, the Forbes thing was not what we expected and the picture was atrocious. That guy totally used us, to say the least.  My quote was so out of context and twisted to his purpose that it was quite exactly what I have learned to expect from Forbes over the years. And the action sidebar vanished into thin air.  I donít think a living soul ever read the article in Red Herring but it looks nice in my packet.  As for Delta, it saved us from extinction.   Two clients came in in the fourth quarter from the article in an amount totaling $4.5 million dollars. Without them we would have been out of business after 9/11.  I was a day away from giving up when the first of them came in.


While you are looking around, perhaps you can help us get a couple of more things on some kind of skimpy pay basis from us. From what I had gathered at the time, you were doing all the work on my account anyway and Steve never did any of the things he said he would do (like rewrite marketing letters etc).  Once you left, that was that although he tunes in now and again to see how I am doing


I donít know if you saw it but I got a fabulous placement in the NY Times two Sundays ago re: Qwest and its phony accounting stemming from another piece in Biz Week four years ago.  I had called Steve to see if he could help me and he didnít think it was much of a story.  He saw it in the Times a few days later and sent an apology note saying he was wrong.  Larry Rand at Kekst drew the story to their attention because he thought it was fabulous. He just did it as a favor to me for old times sake. I donít know if it will produce biz or not but it should in this era when nobody reads accounting statements and gets themselves into Enron situations and Qwest and Global Crossing.




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Subject: favor request


Dear Joan:


I hope that this note finds you and your family doing well.


As I am sure you are aware, Steve and I parted ways some time ago.


I am now beginning my job search, and hope that you will write a brief note on my behalf saying that I represented you and arranged meetings for you with Money Magazine, Forbes, The Red Herring and Delta Sky Magazine.


I truly appreciated the opportunity to work with you, and look forward to hearing from you. I think of you often (your fireworks picture is hanging in my living room which frequently draws up thoughts of you).


Please let me know what you decide.


Thank you,


Kevin C. O'Brien